Planning the next move.

So I finally managed to have a follow up appointment with my specialist last week and we can now start moving forward again. My husband was unable to make it to the appointment at the last minute due to a massive public transport failure, however I had him on speaker phone so we could both ask questions.

Our specialist explained that he believes that I may have some kind of underlying endocrine condition that has not been discovered which is effecting the way my body produces hormones. Essentially the link between my brain and endocrine organs is not working appropriately causing me to not ovulate, and therefore not get a period, making pregnancy very difficult. He believes our embryos are OK and that the reason why we have now had 2 chemical pregnancies is because my lining is still not ‘optimum’ and the embryos are not able to properly implant.

A new drug has just become available which will hopefully improve my endometrial lining for our next cycle. Between now and then I will also have Hysteroscopy surgery combined with a ‘dilate and currette’ procedure. This will involve putting a camera inside my uterus to remove any fibroids or scar tissue not showing up on ultrasound and also performing an ‘endometrial scratch’ which is designed to help improve implantation. While I’m not excited about the prospect of another surgery (it will be the 4th in 12 months) if it helps to improve our chances for our next cycle then I’m all for it.

The timing actually works out quite well as we have 2 weeks holidays planned in the middle of August. The surgery will be 2 days before we go so it minimizes how much time I have to take off work as well as allows me plenty of time to relax and recover in the sunshine. Assuming all goes well we will plan to do another cycle in September. I am feeling positive again and have pulled myself out of the hole I was in a weeks back. I have thrown myself into painting and decorating our new bedroom and I am so looking forward to our holiday. Hopefully we can both come back refreshed, re-charged and ready to take on cycle number 4.


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