Day 12 – nearly there!!

So it has been far longer between posts than I had intended but a head cold has had me stuck on the couch feeling miserable this week and I have not had the energy to open up my laptop. Thankfully feeling a little more human today and hopefully it will have completely passed by the time we get around to doing a transfer.

So.. this cycle has been different to my others in a good way (other than the sickness). On day 2 I had an Elonva injection which is a long acting FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which meant I didn’t need to do any more injections until day 6! It was a weird feeling knowing we had started a full IVF stim cycle and yet I was cruising along and not having the daily reminder of injections. I had a nasty headache the day I had the Elonva injection but otherwise was pretty good. Apparently the headache is a common side effect and if I have to go with this cycle again I will know to expect that. Otherwise I felt pretty good. I had a lovely little ‘staycation’ weekend with my husband in Melbourne which was really chilled and relaxing. We wandered the city, enjoyed great food and had a lovely night in a hotel, followed up by the Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.  Other than having to do a quick pit stop for an Orgalutran injection after dinner it was a really nice little break away.

Monday morning I had my first scan for this cycle. I had an absolute night-mare getting there as there was a fault with the train lines and had to drive an extra long way around to get there resulting in me being 40mins late to the appointment. My husband knows how stressful this was for me given I am the person who is 10 minutes early for everything. At least the doctor got caught in the traffic jam too and was also late so it wasn’t so much of a big deal. The scan showed 8 healthy little follicles (5 on the right and 3 on the left) all at approximately 8mm. This was a great result + my lining was sitting at 5mm which is normal for this stage of the cycle. Monday night was the start of 3 injections per day!!! 150 units of Gonal F, 300 units of Menopur and 250 units of Orgalutran. Ouch!!

Along came Tuesday morning and I woke up feeling terrible with a nasty head cold. I wen’t into work thinking I could brave it but after 2 hours went home to bed. My puppy was thrilled to have a snuggle buddy even if I wasn’t great company. I dragged myself out of bed Wednesday morning still feeling terrible. I cancelled work for the day but still had to drive 20mins to go in for my scan appointment. This was now day 10 and again things were looking good. The top up of Menopur and Gonal F had me now sitting at 10 follicles of around 13mm and lining of 6.4mm. I was thrilled my lining was continuing to thicken and we are heading in the right direction! Egg Pick Up booked for Monday morning.

Wednesday and Thursday brought more time on the couch trying to get better. The hardest part is not being able to take any medications for my cold and just having to ride it out. I would normally pop some cold and flu tablets and just keep soldiering on but I have had to listen to my body and take it easy.

Back to work today and looking forward to Egg Pick Up on Monday. The pressure to get a few eggs is slightly reduced knowing we have one little embryo in the freezer but I would so love to get a few more to add into the mix. Fingers crossed we can go ahead with a transfer mid to late next week and have another shot at this pregnancy business! Feeling confident and relaxed at this stage but I know the nerves will kick in as we get closer to Monday. I have to remember there is nothing I can do other than relax and trust the experts to do their job. It’s all out of my control now!


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