Egg pick up and the next steps.

So our Egg Pick Up went reasonably well on Wednesday morning and I woke up from the anesthetic to learn 3 eggs were collected. While this is not an amazing number in terms of IVF it was 3 times better than the one we collected last time so I was happy. I did however have more pain this time and had to lay pretty low for the rest of the day. My dog kindly stepped in as my hot water bottle, laying across my belly and watching movies with me. My husband was a legend throughout the whole process and helped to stop my mind from running wild with possibilities before hand.

I was a bit emotional for the rest of the day, partly happy that we got 3 eggs and partly scared that they wouldn’t fertilize and they wouldn’t be enough. Thursday morning brought fantastic news in that all 3 fertilized over night. It was time for more tears, all be it happy ones this time. The embryologist also confirmed we would be going for a 3 day transfer and that I was all booked for Saturday morning. I had just enough time to write the appointment in my diary and tell my husband before I received a call from my specialist to say that still may not be the case. He was concerned my endometrial lining was too thin which would not support a pregnancy if we were to go through with the transfer. The plan from here is to take some extra meds over the next couple of days to try and thicken my lining, while also hoping that the embryos will be good quality and able to be frozen to transfer at a later date.

I’m confused about what I should feel at the moment. Ultimately its better if they are good quality and we can do a freeze all cycle, however if not, the best option is to transfer them and hope my lining thickens enough in that time? I’m scared we will lose/not make the most of these embryos we have fought so hard to get. I’m trying to trust that all the vitamins, acupuncture, herbs and meds have been enough to give me good quality embryos but we won’t know until tomorrow morning. I’m booked for acupuncture early in the morning and then again around lunch time to help support the transfer if it goes ahead but I hope we can save our little embryos until a later date when my lining is optimum for transfer. I guess I just have to follow what the specialist and embryologist suggest is the best course of action and hope for the best. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me that either way, we get our little miracle soon. x


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