All about the elastic waist – Day 15

So finally tomorrow is Egg Pick Up Day! I had another scan with my specialist yesterday and we have 10 follicles of good size and a couple of other smaller ones that are just behind but may grow a little bit more before tomorrow. Unfortunately my endometrial lining is still too thin so will need to start some additional meds after the Egg Pick Up to try and improve that before transfer. Worst case scenario we can do a freeze all cycle and save any little embryos for a later date when my lining is improved. No point implanting them if they are not going to stick!

I had yesterday off work which I had organised in advance given I had expected Egg Pick Up to be yesterday. I was so glad I did as between the scan appointment and then having to drive 45mins to the other side of town to put in the prescription for these new meds which could only be done at that pharmacy, I was exhausted. That and now feeling very bloated and sore. Hence the elastic waist pants! My ovaries feel like these horrible hard bubbles that could burst at any moment. Very tender and I’m aware of them even just with the shock of my foot hitting the ground each time I take a step. I don’t remember it being quite so sore last time so I will hope that is a good sign for more eggs this time. I did my trigger shot at 7:30pm last night all ready for surgery at 7:30am tomorrow morning.

At this stage I feel like I should be getting nervous about what will happen tomorrow. Last time I was really nervous before hand as I had not had a general anesthetic since I was a child and was a little freaked out about how I would respond. I’m not so worried about that this time but I can’t help but be scared of only getting one or even no eggs this time. I was so confident we would get a decent number last time and was then shattered when the nurse came to tell me we only got one. While my specialist is confident we will get more this time there is still a small piece of me that is scared this might all be for nothing. I’m going into it with the hope of 2 eggs as that is already a success compared to last time, but in reality it is something I have absolutely no control over and will just have to keep my fingers crossed that is goes well. And if not, we managed to cope with that last time and will do so again. I know my husband is much more confident this time as we have both been in a much better place this whole cycle, but that also scares me that it is further to fall if things don’t go to plan.

I guess this is the point where it is all out of our control, we just have to trust the experts and hope like hell that my body is willing to play the game. Wish me luck for tomorrow and fingers crossed we can transfer a little embaby next week.


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