Cycle Day 9 – 1st Scan

So here we are nearly at the halfway point of this cycle. There have been ups and downs but overall I really can’t complain.

First injection was 337mgs of Menopur on day 3 of the cylce and it’s fair to say it did not quite go to plan. Somehow I managed to accidentally inject directly into a vein. Certainly not what you are supposed to do and I have never done this previously. I knew something wasn’t quite right when I started to inject as I felt a rush go through me (which I had never experienced before). I stopped and pulled the injection out a bit before putting in the rest of the dose. A large drop of blood came out with the needle confirming what I suspected. As soon as I’d finished I went straight from the dining table where I was sitting to the couch to lie down as I felt like I was going to faint. Then a rush of nausea hit me and I knew something was not right. My heart was racing and I was not sure if this was a side effect of what I’d just done or simply me freaking out about it.

It was it scary to say the least. My husband called “Nurse on call” and explained the situation and she said that while it was not dangerous to inject the Menopur directly into a vein it meant that I had received the entire dose in one quick hit rather than slowly adsorbing through the fatty tissue over a few hours. It was a really unpleasant feeling and I still felt a bit ‘off’ the next day.

The good news is no further ‘mistakes’ since then and all has been going smoothly with the injections. I am still on the same dose of Menopur every day with the addition of 250mgs of Orgalutran to stop me from ovulating prior to Egg Pick Up.

Side effects wise I think I’ve been pretty lucky. Just one day of feeling ‘bitchy’ on Sunday – I advised my husband to ignore me for the day as I could just tell I was going to snap at anything he said. Since Sunday I have been feeling really tired with the constant need to nap (I would so love to, but work kind of gets in the way of that) and also feeling a little bloated. No real pain in my tummy yet but I’m sure that is yet to come!

This morning I had my first scan which revealed 9 little follicles growing. The 5 on my left ovary are a little bigger, measuring between 7mm and 12mm with the 4 on the right side a little behind, measuring between 5mm and 7mm. We are going to give the little ones a bit more of a chance to catch up so Egg Pick Up now looking like it will be next Wednesday rather than Monday. Another scan Monday morning and continue with everything else as is until then.

Overall I’m happy with how everything is going and still feeling positive, even if I’m exhausted. I figure its all just practice for when we actually have a baby one day. I’m feeling very lucky to have such a great support network around me with friends and my Mum regularly checking in to see how I’m travelling. Just have to keep taking it one step and one day at a time.


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