Day 1 – Cycle 2

So today marks day 1 of our second cycle. The last few weeks have been very busy a friends’ wedding (in which I was bridesmaid) and the birth of 2 babies in my close friendship group. Both little boys are just gorgeous and it was nice to feel just happiness for them both. I still tend to feel a tinge of jealousy whenever I hear about a pregnancy announcement but I feel I am able to manage my emotions well with other aspects now. I feel far more confident that this will happen for us at some stage rather than scared it will not happen at all.

So how am I feeling about this cycle? Excited, nervous, slightly scared but overall relatively relaxed and positive (will see how that changes in the coming days/weeks). I feel like this time around I know what I am getting myself into and my husband and I are both better prepared for what to expect. Last time I worked full time through the whole process, this time I have blocked out a few 1/2 days at work so I can have some down time and relax if I need to. Last time my husband was very sick, fingers crossed that won’t happen this time around. The other difference is we have chosen to let a few close, select people in on what we are going through this time. Last cycle it felt like a big secret we couldn’t tell anyone and still had to put on a brave face even when I was feeling terrible. I hope having a few nearest and dearest we can lean on will help make the process a bit easier. Not just for me but for my husband too.

I did a big cook up yesterday with lots of nutritious and healthy snacks and meals so I can eat as healthily as possible without the extra stress of trying to cook alot during the cycle. All these little steps make me feel stronger and like I have my ‘Game Face’ on and ready to tackle this! We got this! Picking up meds tomorrow morning and then start injections on Thursday night.

Fingers crossed this cycle sees us get the result we so dearly would love, but if not I know we can always go again. Wish me luck!


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